How we are regulated

How we are regulated

The Welsh Government have recently changed the Regulatory Framework that they use when evaluating RSLs.  The Framework gives a structure from which the Board and our Stakeholders should be able to gain assurance that we are ‘doing the right things’ to deliver our core social purpose.

The new Regulatory Framework places a much greater emphasis on:

  1. Robustness: Outcomes and quality of evidence;
  2. Tenants: Opportunities for involvement, influence and holding landlords to account; and
  3. Equality and Diversity and Inclusion: Sets and delivers measurable, evidence based commitments reflecting the diversity of the communities it works in and with.
  4. Producing an Improvement Plan and committing to its deliver.

A Regulatory Judgement is then issued for Governance and Financial Viability. The statuses are described the same way in both cases and are set out as follows:


Compliant:  Green The association meets the regulatory standards and will receive routine regulatory oversight.
Compliant: Yellow The association partially meets the regulatory standards and has the potential to be able to achieve the required improvements with increased regulatory oversight.
Non-Compliant: Amber The association partially meets the regulatory standards and is unlikely to be able to achieve the required improvements without regulatory intervention.
Non-Compliant: Red The association partially or wholly does not meet the regulatory standards and it is necessary for the regulatory to take statutory action.


You can find out more about Regulatory Judgements here

Cartrefi Conwy’s last Regulatory Opinion and Financial Viability Judgment report was published on Thursday 13th October 2022 and can be accessed here: cartrefi-conwy-regulatory-judgement-2022.pdf (

Cartrefi’s latest report was prepared on the 2 September 2022 and summarises our self-evaluation
against the Regulatory Framework for Housing Associations Registered in Wales, published
in January 2022. You can view this Regulatory Self-Evaluation Here

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