Environmental Projects

Environmental Projects

It is important to be proud of your home and the area that you live in.  For a number of years we have invested money into improving the open green spaces in our communities; from small improvements such as new bin stores to large-scale regeneration projects.  We are particularly proud of the two large schemes we recently completed; Parc Peulwys in Llysfaen and Tre Cwm in Llandudno.


Tre Cwm Environmental Regeneration Scheme


Located at the edge of Llandudno, Tre Cwm is not traditionally where you’d expect to find a park-like environment. It is a residential housing estate of nearly 400 homes which are evenly mixed between Cartrefi Conwy, private owners and other housing associations.


Starting in 2017, the estate received a  £1.4 million environmental regeneration scheme which focussed on transforming  a neighbourhood lacking in quality green space. The goal was to create a multi-functional area that mixes biodiversity alongside play, and has two. purposely designed, ‘natural’ play spaces, including a 14 metre long caterpillar made from recycled traffic boulders!

Collage of three images from our Tre Cwm estate environmental improvements. Two is of a before and after of a green space which is now a natural play area and three children smile and draw with chalk on a rock face

Description: Cwm Howard natural play space “Part funded by the Gwynt y Mor Community Fund” (insets: L to R) Local children adding a face to the stone caterpillar. Pre-condition photo.

The estate is an urban environment and passers by may not notice a series of developments across the area.

From tree and shrub planting to improved access to make getting around easier, the scheme delivered improvements across almost 50 individual projects, and at the heart of these improvements were the aspirations of the community.

Street trees planted in avenues, together with new railings to create front garden areas for properties close to the pavement, have transformed the streetscape into a place people are proud to call home.

Before and after of street improvements in Tre Cwm, with new walkway and railings on the right

Description: Altering the streetscape by introducing street trees and defensible boundaries for residents.

Open public spaces have been given a new lease of life, an old unused parking area is now a fun play space for toddlers, and areas which previously attracted fly-tipping are now functional spaces that also look great.

Before and after image of improvements to park area in Tre Cwm estate, with old park equipment and slides making way for a more natural play space on the right

Description- A striking visual difference between formal equipment and natural play.

All these spaces have wildlife-friendly planting surrounding the area to improve the connection between the children’s area and the natural environment.

Before and after of improvements to green space in Tre Cwm with new trees planted and area for planting and shrubbery on the right

Description-  Newly planted trees and altered paths on Parc Bodnant green space (before & after).

New railings installed in play area in Tre Cwm next to football play area

Funding from the Gwynt y Mor Community Fund supported the delivery of three key projects on the Tre  Cwm Environmental Regeneration Scheme –  http://cvsc.org.uk/en/gwynt-y-mor/


Learn more about our work on Tre Cwm


Parc Peulwys Environmental Regeneration Scheme


Parc Peulwys proudly holds the title of the first housing estate in Wales to be awarded full Green Flag status for the last 4 years. High on the hill above Old Colwyn and near Llysfaen village, Parc Peulwys is unique in that a park-like atmosphere has been created in and amongst existing homes.  The project was completed in 2014 after a £1.1M investment, and it still looks as if it was only finished last year.

On entrance to the estate, “The Peulwys Stone,” provides a positive first impression for visitors and has educational links to local trade, industry and geology.  It includes a plaque that gives information gathered by local school children about the physical nature and historic links of the stone.

Before and after image of improvements at Peulwys estate with the corner of Swn y Don on the left making way for a new Parc Peulwys stone on the right

Description: Altering the initial feel of the entrance to the area- before and after.

Opposite Ysgol Swn Y Don, ‘The Compass’ seating area has a unique design and granite seating slabs.  This offers a resting area among our beautiful plants and an educational spot that also provides a play opportunity for the young.

Improvements to green space at Peulwys with new circular tree and seating area on the right

Description: Providing a unique setting opposite the school- before and after

Using the estate as an extension of the classroom, the interactive Human Sundial provides relaxed seating with gorgeous views overlooking the coast, along with play and learning opportunities for young and old.  The circular feature stones are constructed with local limestone to enhance the inner time keeping markers which are set into the paving.  Additionally, there are two poems set into the surface – one in Welsh and one in English.  The poems are written by local poets to describe how to use the sundial.

Human sundial at Peulwys estate with beautiful views over the sea

Description: Human sundial with beautiful views over the sea


The area includes a variety of play facilities for all ages.  In the middle of the neighbourhood is a large play area which includes a toddler zone with plenty of picnic tables for parents.  Just up the road from Ysgol Sŵn Y Don, there is a new skate park and Multi Use Games Area.

Watch a video all about ‘Putting the Parc into Peulwys’


Or learn more about our work on Parc Peulwys here


If you want to find out more or get involved in our environmental projects why not get in touch with the community involvement team



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