Meet our board

Meet our board

The Role of the Board

Cartrefi Conwy’s main purpose as a Housing Association is to provide and manage housing and support to help people in greatest need.

The vision and values for the organisation are set by the Board. This is a group of people who are responsible for progressing the purpose of the business and ensuring it is run properly.

The Board is accountable to our employees, our tenants and other people who use our services, to those who lend the organisation money and to other organisations that play a vital role in meeting local housing needs, such as local authorities.

Those appointed as Board and Committee members must act at all times in the best interests of the organisation and those it serves.

Cartrefi Conwy also has a subsidiary company, Creating Enterprise.

Our Boards and Committees are organised as follows;

Our Board

The Cartrefi Conwy Board is made up of 10 people appointed for the skills and experience they have to offer.

Our Committees

Some of the people appointed to the Board will also serve on one or more of our Committees.

Creating Enterprise Board

The following people are appointed to the Creating Enterprise Board.

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