Our Board

Our Board

Our Board


It is the responsibility of the Cartrefi Conwy Board to ensure the objectives for which the business has been established are fulfilled. To achieve this, it must provide strategic leadership and direction across the Cartrefi Conwy Group (and its Subsidiaries), ensuring business activities are appropriately resourced, financially viable and sustainable, conducted in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and relevant codes of practice and that social assets are protected.

The Cartrefi Conwy Board is made up of 10 people appointed for the skills and experience they have to offer.   Because the scope of matters it is responsible for is so wide, the Board has set up a number of Committees with a specific purpose to advise and provide assurance on some aspects of the business in more detail.

The following people below are appointed as well as additional committee members.



Meet The Team

Professor David Shepherd - Interim Chair

Bill Hunt - Board Member

Jim Illidge - Board Member

Gareth Jones - Board Member

Neil Ashbridge - Board Member

Kath Coughlin - Board Member

Helen Pittaway - Board Member

Bethan Jones - Board Member

Mark Chadwick - Board Member

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