Group Remuneration & Nominations Committee

Group Remuneration & Nominations Committee

The purpose of the Group Remuneration & Nominations Committee is to advise the Cartrefi Conwy Group Boards (Parent & Subsidiaries) in meeting their employer obligations and ensuring leadership accountability across the Group structure by seeking assurance, advising and reporting to the relevant Parent or Subsidiary Board, and where appropriate taking decisions on behalf of the Group Boards, on the adequacy and effectiveness of the following matters;

  • employee strategies (including establishment and succession planning)
  • employee policies and practices
  • workforce related objectives, in particular to be the Employer of Choice
  • executive remuneration and criteria for assessment of performance
  • non-executive remuneration policy and payment framework
  • Board and Committee nominations, appointments, performance and effectiveness appraisals

The following people are appointed to this comittee

Meet The Team

David Shepherd - Chair / Cartrefi Conwy Board Member

Jim Illidge - Chair of the Cartrefi Conwy Board

Helen Pittaway - Cartrefi Conwy Board Member

Kath Coughlin - Cartrefi Conwy / Creating Enterprise Board Member

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