Tenant Services Board

Tenant Services Board

The purpose of the Tenant Services Board is to advise the Cartrefi Conwy Board in its responsibilities for ensuring delivery of sustainable affordable housing and support services and excellent customer service informed by the views and needs of our tenants, residents and others we work with. The Tenant Services Board will seek assurance, advise and report to the Cartrefi Conwy Board and where appropriate take decisions on behalf of that Board, on the adequacy and effectiveness of strategy, policy and practice applicable to the following matters;

  • Housing supply, allocation and management
  • Housing quality and standards
  • Customer service: choice, standards, communication
  • Safeguarding, Health & Safety
  • Community engagement, development and regeneration
  • Cost, affordability and value for money of Housing and related services, from both business and end user perspectives.

Meet The Team

Bill Hunt - Chair / Cartrefi Conwy Board Member

Bethan Jones - Cartrefi Conwy Board Member

Tara Bold - Co-optee to Tenant Services Board

Helen Pittaway - Board Member

Trevor Henderson - Cartrefi Conwy Board Member

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