Colin Matthews

Colin Matthews


Colin currently lives in Colwyn Bay but was born and educated in England. Growing up, Colin represented counties in athletics and played football for both town and county.

He has worked in many different positions throughout his working life and gained a vast wealth of experience in the construction, production and business industries. Colin also started and chaired a charitable organisation.

Colin has been supporting Cartrefi Conwy since 2014, when he sat on the Tenant’s Management Committee and the Community Chest Panel. He has also been on other committees including the North Wales Consultative Committee and the North Wales Equalities Group Executive Committee.

Colin has now retired. He devotes his time to being active in the community where he spends time engaging with Cartrefi Conwy tenants and signposting them to appropriate support/services. Colin enjoys being able to apply his knowledge and experience to help Cartrefi Conwy to continue to create quality housing and good living environments for all the tenants.

In his spare time Colin likes to do a little gardening, reading and exploring where he can.

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