Meet our Board

Meet our Board

The Board is responsible for the leadership and direction of the business.

Our Board is made up of 15 people appointed for the skills and experience they can offer. Those appointed are unpaid volunteers from three groups: tenants, Local Authority nominees, and independent people. The Board can also appoint co-optees to bring in additional skills when required.

The Board’s role is to set our strategic direction, monitor progress towards our business plan objectives and make sure that we’re performing as required.

The work of the Board is supported by 4 committees:

  • Audit & Risk Management Committee
  • Operations Committee
  • Development Committee
  • Remuneration & Nominations Committee

Cartrefi Conwy’s Board have adopted the Community Housing Cymru Code of Governance, which was designed to assist housing associations to develop ‘robust governance structures which facilitate behaviour change to support continued service improvement for tenants’.


Meet The Team

Huw Evans - Chair

Bill Hunt - Board Member

Jim Illidge - Board Member

Gareth Jones - Board Member

Colin Matthews - Board Member

Robert Redhead - Board Member

Neil Ashbridge - Co-optee

Peter Parry - Co-optee

Dave Cowans - Board Member

Joan Vaughan - Board Member

Professor David Shepherd - Board Member

Greg Robbins - Board Member

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