Apprenticeship Week Wales 2024 – Meet… Harriet

Apprenticeship Week Wales 2024 – Meet… Harriet

Apprenticeship Week Wales 2024 is taking place from 5 to 11 February, a week-long event dedicated to raising awareness and showcasing why apprenticeships are a genius decision to individuals, employers, and the future of our workforce.

Today Harriet tells us about her role as Property service administration apprentice.

My goals as an apprentice are:
– Going onto new courses and improving personal skills.
– Trying all the roles in my department
– Passing all my assignment units
– Having set work and doing improving it.
– Improving my general confidence

Positive things I enjoy:
– Leaning new skills and developing ones I have at the moment.
– Having the chance to learn about several different things and have a say in what parts I enjoy.
– Having one to one meeting with my mentors and feeling safe with what I can talk about if it’s personal or work related.
– Having a develop plan I can work towards.
– Been giving the opportunity to go out to fun days and different experiences such as, CH fun day, Wednesday walkabouts, Meet ups in different areas.
– Become apart of a team and being welcomed and enjoying being at work.

So far I am seven months into my apprenticeship I am thoroughly enjoying it, I have met so many amazing people and been welcomed into my team BMU with open arms. They have all helped me so much and allow for me to grow and push myself to be better. I’m have learnt so much already and done several different roles and can’t wait to see what else this apprenticeship brings me.

Harriet 😊

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