Apprenticeship Week Wales 2024 – Meet… Nikki

Apprenticeship Week Wales 2024 – Meet… Nikki

Apprenticeship Week Wales 2024 – 5 to 11 February

Showcasing Nikki, Administration Apprentice in HR and Finance… illustrating the brilliance of choosing apprenticeships for individuals, employers, and the future of our workforce.

Personal Goals as an Apprentice:

– To acquire extensive knowledge in the HR and Finance departments during my apprenticeship.

– To develop skills applicable to future roles.

– To achieve all objectives within the apprenticeship program.

Positive Aspects of Being an Apprentice:

What I enjoy about being an apprentice is the diverse role I have within the company. Working in both HR and Finance, I’ve been warmly welcomed by both teams, and they have been incredibly supportive throughout my apprenticeship.

They have assisted me in various aspects, such as meeting apprenticeship targets, navigating the Formi app to set goals, writing witness testimonies to fulfil evidence requirements, and handling day-to-day tasks.

Beyond my designated departments, colleagues from different areas have also been helpful in completing my tasks in Finance and HR. This collective support has greatly aided my integration into the apprenticeship role at Cartrefi Conwy.

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