Abergele Western Gateway Community Consultation – Have Your Say!

Abergele Western Gateway Community Consultation – Have Your Say!


Abergele Library


Monday 22nd July; 3pm to 5pm

Tuesday 23rd July; 10.30am to 1pm

Come and visit us to help shape your space. The community consultation sessions are an opportunity to share ideas on themes, designs and words to make your mark in stone. Working with contemporary international artist Ben Dearnley, local materials will be used to form a new sculptural installations in the heart of Abergele.

About the Artist:

Ben Dearnley has built a remarkable career over the past twenty years, gaining international acclaim for his distinctive sculptures. His works are highly sought after by both corporate clients and private collectors. This event is a unique opportunity to collaborate with Ben and contribute to an exciting new public art installation. Ben has developed an international reputation for his sculpture and is becoming highly collectable as a contemporary artist. From large corporate clients to personal one-off special commissions, Ben has been delivering a unique blend of bespoke artworks for over two decades.

Ben would love to hear from you about what words and themes can be incorporated into the interim community space to help create an engaging area to be enjoyed by all.

Link to Ben’s website – www.bendearnley.com

Open Events:

We also invite you to join our open events on the following dates at the former Slaters site:

10th August: 11am to 3pm
15th August: 11am to 3pm
26th August: 11am to 3pm
31st August: 11am to 3pm

These open events provide a chance to engage with the artist, share your ideas, and be part of the creative process. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your say and contribute to the cultural landscape of Abergele.

Location: Former Slaters site

This summer Cartrefi Conwy will begin work to enhance the corner of the Abergele Western Gateway site, this will involve seating areas, planting and public realm art. As part of this we are working with Ben Dearnley, an acclaimed artist specialising in carving stone to assist the community in making their mark.

As part of this, Team Rock invite you to take part in the Abergele 2024 Poets Corner Poetry Prize.

In a world where we connect both online and in person, friendship, community, and joy are important parts of our lives. These themes are about the connections that bring us together, the communities that support us, and the joy that makes life meaningful. The Young Persons Poetry Prize invites young poets to explore and celebrate these powerful themes through their unique voices and perspectives.

The overarching themes to explore are:


Special Bonds: What makes friendships special? How do they start and grow over time? What moments make friendships strong?

Different Friendships: Celebrate different kinds of friendships from various cultures, ages, and backgrounds. How do these friendships teach us about kindness and understanding?

Challenges and Support: What challenges do friends face together and how do they overcome them? Share stories of support and resilience.


Building Together: How do communities help shape who we are? How do they give us a sense of belonging and support?

Working Together: Why is it important to include everyone in a community? What stories show us working together and supporting each other?

Making a Difference: How can communities make positive changes? Share stories about people coming together to solve problems and create a better future.


Everyday Joy: What are the simple, everyday moments that bring joy? Describe the small things that make life beautiful and worth celebrating.

Shared Joy: Focus on the joy we find in shared experiences, like celebrations and daily interactions. How does joy grow when we share it with others?

Finding Joy in Tough Times: How do we find joy even in difficult times? Share stories that show the strength of the human spirit and finding light in darkness.

We encourage all participants to think deeply about their personal experiences and observations of friendship, community, and joy. This is a chance to share your unique voice and perspective with the world. Whether your poem is a celebration, a reflection, or a story, we look forward to seeing how you weave these threads of connection into your poetry.

Submission Guidelines:

Eligibility: Open to young poets in two age groups – Primary ( reception – year 6) and Secondary schools (year 7 – year 13). Group submissions are also welcome.

Topic: Your work must reference at least one of these 3 elements

Format: Poems can be in any style or form but should not exceed 25 lines.

Language: Submissions can be in Welsh or English.

Originality: All poems must be original works of the entrant and not previously published.

Judging Criteria:

Creativity and Originality: How uniquely does the poem approach the theme?

Emotional Impact: Does the poem make the reader feel strong emotions or connect deeply?

Craft and Technique: How well does the poet use language, structure, and poetic devices?

Relevance to Theme: How clearly and effectively does the poem reflect the themes of friendship, community, or joy?

Awards and Recognition:

Prize winners:

There will be 6 poems selected, 1 per category in each age group.

Winners will receive a £25 book voucher (shared if a group submission) and be invited to read out their poem at the opening ceremony of the newly created ‘Abergele Rocks’ site sitting on the newly created ‘Friendship Bench’, adjacent to Tesco.

Some of your work/ key phrases could also become carved in stone.

Each participating school will also receive a poetry book bundle for the school library

Special Mentions: Certificates and the opportunity to be featured on Cartrefi Conwy’s website and social media channels.

Submission to:

Postal entry or hand delivery: Poetry competition, Cartrefi Conwy, Morfa Gele, Cae Eithin, North Wales Business Park, Abergele, LL22 8LJ

Digital / email:  communications@cartreficonwy.org subject Poetry competition

** Name, age and school information on all submission**


Team Rock Summer poetry prize 2024

Theme: Friendship, Community, Joy.

Language: Welsh or English

Max lines: 25

Deadline: 31st August 2024

Ceremony date: 21st September 2024

Best of luck to all young writers.

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