What type of housing is right for you?

Am I suitable for Cartrefi Conwy Housing and what type of housing is right for you?

Please answer some very short questions to see what kind of housing is most suitable to your needs (this will not take any more than 2 minutes to complete):




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Are you homeless or likely to become homeless in the next 56 days?


Is this due to violence or threats of violence?


Are you leaving the Armed Forces? (excluding DAOR)


Are you currently living in overcrowded or unsanitary Housing?


Do you need to move due to medical or welfare reasons?


Do you need to move to a particular locality where failure to do so would cause hardship?


Are you currently accommodated by the local authority in supported housing or approved supported housing and ready to move on?

Note 1

Based on your answers to these questions, you are currently not eligible to be entered onto our waiting list. Please continue to determine what other options are available to you.

? What is this?


Is your household income over £15,000?


Are you a current tenant of a social landlord?

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