Front door fire safety checks

Front door fire safety checks

We are working with Nationwide Windows and Door who are conducting important fire safety checks to all front doors in our blocks of flats and communal cupboard fire doors.

Remember your flat’s front fire door is there to protect you and your neighbours if there was a fire.

 What to expect during the inspection.

A qualified fire door fitter will do the inspection and will take around one hour to complete. The operative will need access to both sides of your front door and need to remove the trims surrounding the door.

 This is what we are checking for.

  • The self-closing device is working as it should – if it’s not we will repair or replace the device.
  • There shouldn’t be anything fixed or screwed into or through the fire door or frame. If items are fixed to or through the fire door or frame, they will be removed and filled with fireproof sealant.
  • Any damage to the letter box or if it needs replacing.
  • Remember fire doors should be kept shut when not in use. If there are any items or latches to hold open the door, we will remove these.
  • If you need a new front fire door, we will order a replacement and fit this.
  • The communal storage cupboard fire doors are working as they should.


👉Always report any fault or damage to fire doors straight away to 📞Customer Service team on 0300 124 0040 or 📧

Thank you for helping keep where you live safe.


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