Reading projects

Reading projects

We have several different reading projects around the county from helping youngsters with reading skills to sharing short novels over tea and cake. These interactive sessions have not only helped in bringing down barriers but also built lasting friendships.

Since autumn  2016 Year Seven students from Ysgol John Bright in Llandudno have been paying regular visits to Cartrefi Conwy’s nearby Cysgod y Gogarth sheltered housing development where tenants have been sitting down with them to go over the text of their favourite books.

But, as everyone involved agrees, the Joint Reading Project is about much more than mastering the written word and is actually helping to bridge the generation gap.

One of the tenants taking part, 79-year-old retired midwife Pat Farley, said: “It’s helping the young people to discover that reading is an important part of their lives and the sessions are also teaching us a thing or two about modern life.”

A group of about 10 Year Sevens aged 11 and 12 come in every couple of months for the reading sessions. They select their own books to bring with them and the tenants involved hear them read and help them with some of the words and punctuation in the text. The sessions last for two hours with a short break in the middle for refreshments.

For further information about these projects or any other interest you have in getting connected with your community, please contact Nerys Veldhuizen on 0300 124 0040.

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