Apply for Community Chest funding

Apply for Community Chest funding

The Cartrefi Conwy Community Chest project aims to support small-scale projects that will improve the quality of life for our tenants in local communities or where we have homes.

Grants of up to £3,000 are available to any voluntary, community or recreational groups.

 Who can apply for a grant?

Any group / organisation can apply for a Community Chest grant if they:

  • Are a Cartrefi Conwy tenant group
  • Have Cartrefi Conwy tenants’ in the group
  • Have a project that benefits a Cartrefi Conwy Community
  • Are an organisation that Cartrefi Conwy tenants use / benefit from
  • Schools – all applications relating to schools must be submitted by the Parent Teacher’s Association, Friends of the School, Governors or other relevant fund raising groups.
  • Community or Town Council – the service will need to provide written confirmation to support your application, stating that costs relating to your activity cannot be met through existing funding.

Grants are NOT available to groups or organisations outside the County of Conwy and does not provide any benefit to a Cartrefi Conwy community.

 What will the grant pay for?

The Community Chest funding will pay for:

  • Community group activities and events
  • Equipment & materials for Community Groups
  • Improve local community recreational facilities
  • Undertake small-scale environmental improvements
  • Learning opportunities / Training programmes
  • Renovating premises or building improvements to enhance community use of a building

The Community Chest funding will NOT pay for:

  • Overhead running costs for the group / organisation (such as public liability insurances, rent, rates, salaries) 
  • The cost of work or activities that any other person or agency has a statutory duty to undertake
  • the construction or acquisition of buildings 
  • One off events that do not show sustainability
  • Any activities that may conflict with the current aims, objectives or policies of Cartrefi Conwy

 How to apply for a grant

Before filling in the application form ensure you have:

  • Read all the questions carefully
  • a bank account
  • A signed constitution
  • A member of your group / organisation to sign where required
  • Support form the community (if required)
  • All the supporting documents requested

Download your application form here


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