Scrutiny and overview panel

Scrutiny and overview panel

The Tenant Scrutiny and Overview Panel is a great way to shape the services you receive from Cartrefi Conwy

What is the role of the Scrutiny & Overview Panel?

In simple terms, tenant scrutiny allows a small group of tenants to investigate and comment on some of the services that Cartrefi Conwy provides to tenants. As a member of the  Panel you will review and report on how well you feel Cartrefi Conwy is doing and give your recommendations for improvement at meetings of the Cartrefi Conwy Operations Committee.

Terms of Reference

The Scrutiny & Overview Panel is formally constituted and tenants were involved in drafting the Terms of Reference and setting their rules. The panel is comprised of Cartrefi Conwy tenants (maximum of 12 at any one time) and a Chair and Vice Chair is appointed each year. Those appointed as Chair and Vice Chair cannot serve for more than 3 consecutive years in each role.


Eligibility for Scrutiny & Overview Panel Membership

Cartrefi Conwy tenants are eligible to apply provided that they meet the following criteria:

  • They are not currently a Tenant Board Member of Cartrefi Conwy
  • They are not in breach of their tenancy conditions
  • They do not have a complaint at independent review stage of the complaints policy or have a current damages claim

There is more information relating to the recruitment to the Scrutiny & Overview Panel in the Terms of Reference which are available upon request.

How often does the Scrutiny & Overview Panel Meet?

In addition to any training activities the panel will meet to develop its work programme and undertake review activities relating to its areas of scrutiny.


The frequency and nature of panel meetings will be determined by the panel and Cartrefi Conwy. It is expected that they will be scheduled annually to take into the panel’s tasks. Each scrutiny review will require a series of meetings / sessions depending on the subject to ensure thorough understanding and scrutiny.


Does the Scrutiny & Overview Panel work with other Tenant Groups?

The Scrutiny & Overview Panel may wish to carry out research into a particular service during a review. The panel may receive information from tenants who have been involved in consultations or focus groups as and when necessary.


Does Cartrefi Conwy offer Training?

All new members of the Scrutiny & Overview Panel will undertake an induction programme where training needs will be assessed. An annual appraisal is also in place which will identify any further training needs on an annual basis. Appropriate training, support and mentoring will be provided.

Are Scrutiny Panel Members Paid?

Scrutiny & Overview Panel members are ‘voluntary’ which means that they are not paid. However, panel members are reimbursed for any expenses incurred whilst undertaking business on behalf of Cartrefi Conwy.


Recruitment and Selection – Next Steps


Each year, we ask new tenants to join the panel so they can have their say on the services that we offer. We will be holding info sessions for tenants who may be interested in joining the panel.  These will be held on 13th & 25th September.


The sessions will be very informal. They are a chance for you to come and speak to Cartrefi Conwy staff and panel members (tenants) about what the panel does and there is no obligation for you to join the panel!


There will be tea and cake during these fun, informative sessions and transport will be provided free of charge if necessary.


If you are interested in attending one of these sessions or have further questions about the Scrutiny Panel please contact Laura Thomas:





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