Service charges

All service charges we request from leaseholders are made in accordance with the lease.

Service charges are your share of the overall costs for managing the building, scheme or estate where you live. They also cover the cost for services we provide and those we employ contractors to undertake, such as grounds maintenance.

Service charges can also include costs for repairs or major works and cyclic works such as painting and are calculated on an annual basis. At present the service charges year begins on 1st April each year.

Cartrefi Conwy will provide all leaseholders with estimated costs for the day to day running of  their block at the beginning of the year. In September we will issue the final invoice for the previous year. Examples of what we may charge for are listed below (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Ground rent, currently set at £10 per year;
  • Day to day minor repairs and maintenance of the block of flats;
  • Electricity costs for communal areas;
  • Grounds maintenance for communal gardens and/or areas around your block;
  • Management charge (our costs in managing leasehold flats);
  • Buildings insurance;
  • Caretaking and cleaning services where provided;
  • Entry phone maintenance where applicable;
  • Lift maintenance where applicable;
  • Major and cyclic work

Paying your service charges

There are a number of methods available for you to choose from to may your service charges. Most of our leaseholders prefer to pay by Direct Debit monthly but you can also pay by cheque, cash or swipe card which links to our automated payment system and can also be used at pay points and post offices.   For more information please click here.

Last modified on June 19th, 2017 at 10:42 am