ASB - Frequently asked questions

ASB – Frequently asked questions

When can we get involved?

We can become involved when:

  • One of our residents is suffering anti-social behaviour
  • One of our residents is causing anti-social behaviour
  • A resident or visitor (including children) to one of our properties is causing anti-social behaviour

I’m suffering from anti-social behaviour, what should I do?

If you know who is causing the problem and feel safe to do so, try to talk to them, as this can often resolve neighbour disputes at an early stage. If you would like some guidance on how to discuss a problem with a neighbour please contact us.

If you have already tried or do not feel safe talking to them or do not know who is causing the problem you should report it to us.

What happens when I report the problem?

We will ask questions to help us get a clear idea of the problem. We deal with the most serious issues first, so it is important to give us as much detail as possible.

You should always contact the Police first if you have been harassed, threatened with violence, assaulted or if another crime has been committed.

The case will be given a priority category of:

1 –  Urgent

2 –  Non-urgent

3 – Non urgent/minor/one off incidents

Depending on the seriousness of the incident reported,  will determine how quickly you can expect a response from us.

Cartrefi Conwy will also accept complaints or concerns from third parties where appropriate and applying the necessary data protection principles.

Cartrefi Conwy will also investigate anonymous complaints.


You can report anti-social behaviour in a number of ways:

Complete an online form

Call us: 0300 124 0040

Talk to your housing officer

Visit our offices

North Wales Police: urgent emergency 999 – non urgent 101

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