Coronavirus and your wellbeing

Coronavirus and your wellbeing

The last year has been a very anxious time for everyone. You may feel like you’re struggling or stressed. But there are lots of things you can try that could help your wellbeing.

Book now for vaccination if you’re eligible

All adults in Wales are now eligible for vaccination. Anyone who has not been invited for their vaccine can contact their health board for an appointment.

Please click the appropriate health board link below:


There’s lots of information out there so here’s some useful links that can support you through this time:




Mental Health

Here you will be able to find useful resources to boost your mental wellbeing


Here you will find information and places you can find support for anyone facing abuse

Older People

Here you will find resources and useful links for older people

Children, Parents & Carers

Here you will find information and resources for those providing care for children and adults

Fitness & Wellbeing

Here you will find links and resources to fitness and exercise to keep you active

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