Looking out for each other

Looking out for each other

The Welsh Government have launched the Looking Out for Each Other campaign which gives advice and guidance on safely helping the more vulnerable people in our community.

If you’re symptom free, not in an at-risk group and can support people who are staying at home, there are 5 simple ways you can help, as long as you do so safely:

  • Help with food shopping. You can do this in person and leave groceries on the doorstep, or help those who aren’t familiar with shopping online.
  • Run errands. Some people will need help collecting medication. Others may need support ordering so they don’t run out.
  • Keep in touch. Staying at home for a long time can be a lonely experience. Just saying hello and regularly checking in over the phone or online is important
  • Encourage people to stay mentally and physically active. Swap suggestions about how people you are supporting can keep themselves busy.
  • Join local online communities. Encourage people to join local chat forums and Facebook groups so they can keep in touch with their community and see that they’re not alone.

Visit gov.wales/safehelp to find simple tips and advice to safely help someone who is staying at home because of coronavirus. This might be a friend, family member, neighbour or person in your community. Also you’ll find the latest advice and guidance on looking after yourself and others here gov.wales/protect-yourself-others-coronavirus

Last modified on July 7th, 2020 at 1:19 pm