Signs of domestic abuse

Signs of domestic abuse

Signs to look out for in domestic abuse victims

Victims of domestic abuse may show signs of:

  • physical injuries
  • excuses for frequent injuries
  • stress, anxiety or depression
  • absent from work and social occasions
  • personality changes – being jumpy or nervous
  • low self-esteem
  • lack of independent communication
  • self-blame
  • increased alcohol or drug use
  • lack of money
  • damage to property.

Signs to look out for in an abuser

Every case of domestic abuse is different but there are signs suggesting someone may be abusing you, which can include but aren’t limited to:

  • controlling behaviour
  • bullying
  • being forced into a sexual act
  • humiliation
  • constant yelling and shouting
  • the threat or use of violence
  • destroying personal items
  • limiting  contact with family, friends and work colleagues
  • checking up on your whereabouts
  • accusing you, the victim, of committing the abuse when it is the other way around.

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