Concerns and complaints

Concerns and complaints


You can read more about our concerns and complaints process in our complaints leaflet and Policy, which you can download from this page.

You can contact us about a complaint in whichever way you prefer, you can ask for a Complaint form or you can fill in our online form.

Making a complaint:

You can complain if:

  • You are not satisfied with the service we have provided
  • You think we have done something wrong or think we have failed to do something
  • You think of member of our staff has treated you badly or unfairly

We want to resolve complaints as quickly as possible and to make the process easy for you.  We will ask the person who is normally responsible for delivering the service to look into the complaint and ask them to resolve the problem.

We will aim to resolve your formal complaint within 20 working days, but we will be in touch within five working days to tell you who is looking into the complaint for you.


Complaint Form

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