Your rent statement explained

Your rent statement explained

You will receive your rent statement every 3 months.  The purpose of this statement is to tell you the current status of your rent payments (including service charges) you have paid for the previous time period.

However, you can view your rent statement at any time on the ‘my cartrefi’ website

An explanation of the terms used on your Quarterly Rent Statement:

Please note that if there are no transactions to your rent account during a “non collection rent week”, that week will not appear on your rent statement.

The covering letter that comes with the statement tells you the period of time that the statement is for.

Please note the rent statement is not an arrears letter, it is merely a breakdown of the activity on your rent account during the previous quarter of the financial year and as such is similar to a bank statement.

If you pay your rent by monthly standing order / direct debit you should note that your monthly payments have been calculated to leave your rent account clear at the end of the current financial year at the beginning of April  (unless you arranged to spread outstanding arrears over a longer period when we calculated your standing order / direct debit payments).

Due to the variable number of chargeable rent weeks in each month, there will be some weeks on your rent statement that show your account in arrears at the week end – this should not cause you any concern.

For all rent statement queries, please contact us on 0300 124 0040.




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