Complaint form

Complaint form

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You can use this form to tell us about your complaint.

Please give us as much information as you can and tell us what you think we should do to put things right for you.


We will contact the person named in section A about this complaint. If you were making a complaint on behalf of someone else please put their details in section B

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Making a complaint on behalf of someone else

The person who experienced the problem should normally fill in this form. But, if you are filling in this form for someone else, please give their details in section B. We will need to satisfy ourselves that the person concerned is happy for you to act on their behalf so we might need to contact them before we take the complaint forward.

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Why Are You Making The Complaint For Them?

(C) About your concern/complaint

Which team or service are you complaining about? (For example; repairs, allocations & so on)

Please use the space below to tell us what they did wrong, or failed to do. Please say:

  • How you (or the person named in section B) have personally suffered or have been affected;
  • When you first became aware of the problem; and
  • What you think should be done to put things right?

(D) Have you contacted anybody in Cartrefi Conwy about this complaint before?

If 'Yes', please answer the following questions.

Was it within the last 12 months?

If 'No', when was it?

Who did you complain to and what response did you get?

Why are you not satisfied with the response?

We want to resolve complaints as quickly as possible and to make the process easy for you. We will ask the person who is normally responsible for delivering the service to look into the complaint and ask them to resolve the problem.

We will aim to resolve your formal complaint within 20 working days, but we will be in touch within the five working days to tell you who is looking into the complaint for you.

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