Tenant Satisfaction Survey

Tenant Satisfaction Survey

A new approach to listening

Knowing that our tenants are satisfied with the service we provide is very important to us.  We’ve looked at the way we collect, analyse and use tenant feedback about our services and we’ve made changes to improve how we do this. We’ve partnered with a company called Acuity, they will make calls to tenants on our behalf to ask how satisfied they are with Cartrefi Conwy’s services.  Acuity are an independent market research company who specialise in working with the housing sector, so we’re looking forward to working with them and learning from their experience.


Why is there a change?

We used to send a paper survey to every tenant once a year, this needed a lot of paper and a lot of time to input and analyse the results. This new approach will help us reduce waste and give us more up-to-date information, more regularly.  It means we will know more about what is important to tenants and what is working well, as well as what we need to do more work on to improve services.


Who are Acuity?

Acuity are an independent market research company who focus on tenant satisfaction information. They work with a number of housing associations across the UK and we have spoken to other customers of theirs and they have given us good feedback. Acuity are bound by the market research society code of conduct and any information tenants give them will be treated in confidence and will only be used by us to improve services. We have also worked closely with Acuity to make sure the data that is being shared is secure and meets our Data Protection responsibilities.


When can tenants expect a call?

Calls will be made to tenants throughout the year so we cannot say exactly when they will be called and we expect calls to start during April 2021. Acuity will make sure the sample of tenants called is a fair representation of all tenants that live in our homes. Tenants may also get a call after a repair is completed on their home, when they move into a new home, if they have reported an Anti-Social Behaviour incident, or if they have made a complaint.  Acuity will ask you a few questions that will help us know what you think of those services and if you are satisfied with the service, or not.


What if I want more information?

We will share what we learn from these surveys in future editions of Together, on our website and social media channels.  All the information will be anonymised and we won’t share individual feedback or comments.   If you want more information on this approach please call Customer Services on 0300 124 0040 or email enquiries@cartreficonwy.org

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