DIY improvements

DIY improvements

All repairs to your property should be carried out by people who we have authorised to do so.

If you want to carry out alterations to your home, you need to inform us about your plans before you start work. We have to give you written permission before you make any improvements and you’ll need to contact us to apply for this permission. We may attach conditions to any changes.

If your plans are unreasonable, we may have to turn them down. This would apply, for example, if your alterations were going to make your property unsuitable for future residents or dangerous in any way.

There are some additional important points to remember. If you arrange for work to be carried out, you’re responsible for making sure no damage is caused to your home. If damage does occur, you’ll have to have the work put right or pay us to do it for you.

Important note: Improvements affecting the gas or electrical systems of a property must be carried out by a tradesperson we have approved.



Last modified on April 5th, 2021 at 9:08 pm