Repair appointments and timescales

Repair appointments and timescales

When you report a repair we will arrange an appointment with you that is convenient for you.

The repair priorities we work to are:

  • Emergency repairs – up to 24 hours
  • Urgent repairs – up to 7 calendar days
  • Routine repairs – we will agree an appointment with you and we aim to, on average, complete standard repairs within 20 calendar days.

Emergency repairs

These are repairs that are needed to make sure you, your family and the general public are safe. Sometimes we will carry out a temporary repair within 24 hours and arrange a follow on appointment to complete the work.

When you report a repair you’ll be asked a number of questions to help us understand the seriousness of the problem.   It’s also really helpful if you can send us photos and our Advisors might ask you to take photos and email them to us if you can.  If you report your repair using MyCartrefi you can upload the photos when you log your repair request.

Emergency repairs are things like:

  • severe leaks/flooding which cannot be contained in a bucket or bowl overnight
  • blocked main drains, soil pipe or sole toilet
  • a gas leak; but this will always be referred in the first instance to Wales & West Utilities
  • a dangerous electrical fault
  • flooding or serious flood damage
  • serious damage to the property that makes it unsafe
  • Loss of heating or hot water during the winter period, or at any time of year where a member of the household is considered vulnerable.

Routine repairs

Routine repairs are small jobs that cover the repair or replacement of things because of fair wear and tear.


Routine repairs are things like:

  • Loss of heating or hot water during Spring and Summer months
  • Blocked drains, sinks, basins, toilet
  • Minor electrical faults
  • Blocked gutters
  • Severe dampness




We will offer you the most suitable appointment slot, taking into consideration the type of repair that is needed, your availability and the availability of our Trades persons.  This means we might offer an appointment the following day or even 20 days away.


Depending on availability, we can offer different types of appointment and it’s important that you are home during the appointment slot so that you don’t miss our Trades person.

  • All day (8am – 5pm)
  • AM (8am – 12pm)
  • PM (12pm – 5pm)

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