The Relaxation Through Art group visit Pensychnant

The Relaxation Through Art group visit Pensychnant

Thanks to the Relaxation Through Art group Colwyn Bay for sharing their visit to Pensychnant Centre on Monday 12th June to look at the Art Exhibit. They visited Pensychnant with Adult Learning Wales to get some ideas for their own art projects.

Our tenants had a lovely morning exploring the house and gardens while getting a lot of ideas for their projects. They enjoyed tea and cake in the garden while learning about the different wildflowers growing in the garden.

The tutor from Adult Learning Wales also brought art material with her so the group could have a go at drawing the house and gardens. They also chatted about other art projects that go on at the Centre and some tenants are looking at booking onto the Willow Flower and Swallow craft session where they will be making flowers and swallows from willow. The group also bought a few art books that will be useful for their weekly classes.

The group had a wonderful morning full of inspiration and told us:

“Thank you for a lovely morning, I wasn’t sure about going but glad I did, I will definitely be visiting their again”.

“What a fantastic day, I enjoyed it that much I will be looking at booking onto the weekend arts and craft sessions”.

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